Empowering Individuals for a Fulfilling Future. Guiding personal growth through transformative financial education, championing self-improvement.


Brand Identity





MY WAY is dedicated to guiding individuals towards personal growth and fulfillment

The Challenge

Crafting the brand for “MY WAY” posed a significant challenge as we were tasked by the group members to encapsulate growth, dynamic symbolism, and a sense of trust and safety within the logo and overall brand identity. Balancing these elements required careful consideration and creative exploration to ensure that the final design accurately reflected the company’s ethos and resonated with its audience.

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The Solution

Our solution for crafting the brand identity of ‘MY WAY’ involved a meticulous fusion of symbolic elements to embody the essence of growth, trust, and safety. Central to our design is a dynamic logo featuring a bird soaring upwards, symbolizing progression and growth. Encased within a shield shape, the bird not only signifies protection but also instills a sense of trust and safety. Moreover, the logo cleverly incorporates all the characters of the company name “MY WAY,” intricately woven into the design.

In The Real WOrld

The Brand Identity In Practise


From Sketching To Delivery

From initial hand sketches to the final digital iteration, our creative journey for the MY WAY brand epitomized the fusion of traditional artistry and modern design, culminating in a symbol of growth and empowerment.


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